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Silver collector’s coins range in appeal from those that are limited editions to those that have been produced to mark a special occasion such as a coronation, anniversary or event. Sometimes a piece does not even need to be unique simply to become collectable, it may just be that an individual is looking for a coin to complete a set or to mark a special occasion for personal and sentimental reasons. Sometimes coins are cast with errors that can add to their appeal, not just because of their novelty value but because they can become rare over time as mints often recycle these coins to bring them out of circulation.

When it comes to modern silver collectable coins, the Royal Mint (along with other mints) produce limited editions of certain coins as well as supplying various types of coins specifically for collectors. Often supplied in presentation boxes, sets or as proofs, these collectors’ coins attract a buyer’s premium making them more expensive than their bullion equivalents. Though most investors prefer to stick to bullion coins when investing in silver, a good number of investors also add occasional collector’s pieces to their portfolio. This is a way for some individuals to add breadth to their investment portfolios and including some numismatic appeal to their assets as well as physical silver.

Often, these kinds of investments are made for a long term commitment though, as single pieces, do offer the flexibility of divisibility should you need to sell your silver. The benefits of buying modern collectable silver coins are that they can be purchased UK VAT free making them a better value option for tax-efficient investment as well as collectability. With the Silver Britannia, you can also benefit from your investment being Capital Gains Tax free meaning any profits on resale are yours to keep, free from tax. As silver offers a lower price point than gold, investors can select a range of silver collector’s coins for the same price as the equivalent value in gold.

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Depending on the condition, some rare silver British coins can fetch more than their silver value. There are two reasons that people would buy rare coins, either as an investment or as part of a collection. Silver collector’s coins are deemed to be rare or collectable due to numerous reasons including a coin’s scarcity, commemorative value or distinguishing feature.

Rare and silver collectable coins can be modern or historical. Investors in rare silver coins may be looking for something different to a collector but both will face paying a premium over the physical silver content of these coins. Collectors are usually prepared to pay more of a premium than investors as their prime motivation is not one of financial reward but a hobbyist’s fulfilment of completing a collection.

Nevertheless, silver scarce and uncommon coins can certainly appreciate in value, particularly as their numbers become scarcer. Most investors in the rare coins market also appreciate that the investment they are making is of fine quality and just like investors in fine art or vintage wines, enjoy owning items of antiquity or scarcity.

Rare silver coins in the UK can be found through many channels including specialist dealers and auctions. Physical Gold has access to exclusive trade partners that enable us to bring rare coins to the market. As a trusted UK silver coins dealer, we ensure that all of the pre-owned coins that we buy are of genuine provenance and that the silver content is consistent with the age of the piece. As the price of silver is much lower than the price of gold, many rare silver pieces do not fetch as impressive a sum as their gold counterparts. However, there are still plenty of rare silver coins that can attract large figures relative to the quantity of gold. As with gold, age is not always a factor in the rarity (or value) of a silver coin with something like a silver sixpence from the reign of William III (1696) being worth around £100 yet a 1790 George III silver sixpence being valued at £450. An 1854 Victoria I shilling is valued at around £2000 yet an 1847 Victoria I Gothic Crown is worth far more at almost £7,000.



The aquatic 50p was one of the 29 coins minted to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics - but the first batch was made with a mistake on it. Originally, the coin was made showing water passing over the swimmer's face, but it was modified so you could see her clearer. Experts reckon the earlier version of the coin could be worth up to £1,500.


The silver British Britannia coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and on the reverse, an image of Lady Britannia holding a trident in one hand, and a shield in the other. The silver Britannia coin is produced by the Royal Mint. The silver Britannia coin contains 999 fine silver bullion, and has a face value of £2 GBP.


Only 210 000 of these 50p Kew Gardens coins were ever minted making it one of the rarest and most valuable to collectors. This rare commemorative coin was created in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of London’s Kew Gardens. This rare and valuable collectors coin could possibly reach prices of £160 per coin.

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